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Not surprised, but new 'upgraded package' has screwed my internet

Joining in

I recently got a phone call to upgrade my package. I was promised the world. ALL sports channels, TNT, and UHD were queried and confirmed. Netflix in UHD. I specified that I was paying £16 for UHD Netflix, they said they would include the same package in my Virgin Bundle... and a brand new Hub 5 with 1Gb internet.

Well I only have standard HD Sky Sports, UHD and TNT have both gone. Even though I had TNT previously, and it was confirmed that would stay. My Netflix package is just standard HD. So there's two lies, but this is being dealt with by the lovely WhatsApp team, who have kept me on hold for 7 hours, and then left because it was end of the day, then come at at 8am, sent me a message I didn't reply to because I was doing a school run, and then told me "It looks like you've left this chat. If you still require help, please restart this chat" and so I was on hold again, until 8ish when I was told Retentions WILL rectify this. But of course they left at 9pm, so no doubt I'll get ignored tomorrow now. But yeah, thats being sorted technically.

What isn't being sorted, because I was told I need to do a bunch of checks Ive already done. Is how crap the internet has gone. My 'connect' app, registers its getting 1gb. I have 4 items connected by RJ45 cables. None of them are getting above 400Mb. (connect at separate times, not all at once). Then I try my wifi on my laptop, I'm practically sitting on my router, so no its not blocked. On my 2.4ghz wifi, I register a poultry 75Mb. On 5.ghz, I get 300Mb. I go scouring the internet, and turn on my VPN which I like to use for data protection as many would agree to doing. On my 2.4ghz, on VPN my speed drops to a crawl and fails to load up even the most basic of sites. On 5ghz, I cant even connect to the VPN. It just fails.

it even stops me going to the webpage of the VPN (Nord, for those wondering).  Proton do a lovely free VPN, that page is inaccessible too. Both pages work fine on my fathers internet (using my laptop) with BT, and I get his full speed 500MB from half way across the room. Come back to my house, and speed slows right down and once again I cant use VPNs.  Whats weird though, and I cant figure out why, is that my phone whilst still getting the slower speeds can connect to the VPNs just fine. It's just the laptops (we have 3, they all have the same issue).

Spoke to Virgin technical support, who claim that theres nothing on the router to block VPNs. I was told to turn off their firewall protection, did that and it did nothing. Reboot everything. Nothing. Try a different VPN (which is why i tried proton) nothing. "well theres nothing wrong with your broadband, and the router is showing as fine at our end"

So why the hell isn't it letting me use a VPN, and why is my speed so throttled? I'm downloading a game right now, its 107gb. I was expecting it to be down super quick. but no. Its coming down slower than it would be if I never upgraded (prior to the upgrade, I was on 350mb and it was never lower than 330 and VPN was faultless)


Anyone else had this trouble and managed to fix it? cause Virgin sure dont look like they have a clue how, short of saying its not their issue


Hi @psychoduck 

Thanks for coming back to us.

I'll send you a PM now.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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