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Settling in
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Not so intelligent broadband

Firstly, I have bought no new gadgets. I have not moved house or moved furniture. It seems that since Bolt has been on TV raving about intelligent WiFi mine has been shocking. 

It has been dropping out everyday and I have not started a film on Netflix due to the times lately when I couldn’t see the end. 

So a few help desk calls, reboots, resets and a download of the Virgin connect app to find black spots in the WiFi signal. On set up I sit next to the box and the hub is not detected. Another reboot and at last it does detect the Hub. I successfully go around the house and get a good signal in all rooms.

All good ... not!!

Less than an hour later and the smart speaker in the bedroom drops out. I grab the Virgin connect app and again . Hub not detected, even standing next to it.

I think virgin needs to take a serious look at this so called intelligent WiFi as mine was perfect before hand and now very poor.

Looks like lots of similar posts so not the only one getting fed up with this.



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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Not so intelligent broadband

Try this experiment. Go into the hub settings and disable smart wifi and rename the ssid's of the 2.4 & 5 GHz channels. See if that helps - if not put it back.

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