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No wi-fi

Dialled in

Last night at 11.30 our wi-fi went down. Internet via ethernet cable is still fine but no wi-fi.

Have done multiple reboots, including hard resets via the hole under the box but the wi-fi is not working at all.

We only have the router set up for 2g (long story not worth bothering you all with again - see old thread from myself). Have checked the 192.168 page and cannot see anything untoward.

No network issues reported locally so seems to be just here.

The hub5 is a replacement hub 5 we only got a month ago to replace a previous faulty one so really hoping it isn't faulty again.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this before I start the whole getting a technician to come process (which will be a pain as cannot be here tomorrow and doubt they would come today).





Hi @charscot, thank you for your post 😀

We're glad to hear this is in the process of being sorted out and hope everything goes well tomorrow.

If you experience any further problems, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Dialled in

Well that couldn't have gone much worse (well I suppose it could). This technician said the box isn't the issue but the cable so he did something to the cables and also replaced the splitter with a splitter that plugs in.

The result ? Before he arrived we had a speed of 600mb and everything was working (albeit via a third party router). Now ? We have a speed of 100mb (was only 16mb when he left, actually had to catch him up to query this - was told give it 20 minutes to get back to normal and that there may be network issues).

Can only hope that either a) there is a network issue and that is the reason for the drop off in service or b) that it will speed up after time as he claimed (still can't see how that would be the case but I am not as knowledgeable as him so have to bow to his knowledge).

Right now does feel like nothing gained and possibly more issues but will keep everything crossed !!

Dialled in

So after an hour and a quarter the speed has returned. However, the broadband is now dropping every 2 to 3 minutes for anything from a minute to 3 minutes each time.

The wi-fi via the third party router is not dropping at all, just the ethernet connections to two pcs.

Very fed up, can't have this being the norm as it is unworkable but right now the idea of getting a technician out when the two technicians didn't come up with the same conclusion and the second one has turned the service to mush does not appeal either. Of course with it being a bank holiday weekend will have to wait even longer just to get anyone to do anything anyway, assuming I don't just give up completely !

Dialled in

So, the internet kept dropping from 5pm until 3am (I am a night bird at weekends lol) at which point I decided to undo and redo all the cable connections. Did that, rebooted the box and all seemed ok. Woke up a hwile ago to find the net had not dropped in the intervening time and that I had an e-mail at 5.30 this morning saying that VM had fixed my issue.

Not convinced that to be the case but will give the benefit of the doubt as right now all seems to be fine at last. Fingers crossed !!

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @charscot,

Thank you for coming back to our Community to update your thread. We do apologise that you seem to be experiencing this issue after the last technician appointment.

I've taken a look at our systems and I cannot see any local issues that could be impacting your services. I understand that you're using a third party router to use your WiFi connection, however, if your Hub is in Modem Mode, we won't be able to receive the needed information to run checks and diagnostics on our systems. Would you be able to switch your Hub back to Router Mode while we look into this issue further?

I'll be happy to investigate this for you and see what I can do to resolve this ongoing issue.

I'll send you a Private Message to confirm a few details. Please keep an eye out for an envelope at the top right corner of your Forum page. I'll be in touch soon.

Thank you.

Forum Team

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