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No signal in bedroom

Hello  having spent 50 minutes on hold following the connect app stating i need a booster. The man said I was entitled to a free  "pod" booster however he couldn't order them as no option on his system. I then waited a further 50  minutes to speak to someone at faults who said a booster wouldn't help. I contested this and she said it might but they haven't got any and wont have till mid March. She said the solution was to enter the router settings (she insisted I had to use the original password as written under the router even though i repeatedly told her id changed it)  She had me change from auto optimisation to 20/40 bandwidth and as expected this didn't solve my problem just reduced the speed to 20 down. i have changed the settings back. i am on the oomph package and should be able to get this free as i cant get any reception in parts of my home. very disappointed.

any help appreciated

Kind regards


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Re: No signal in bedroom

Wi-Fi cannot be guaranteed in every room of the house, it is impossible to predict construction types and materials that will weaken signal.  Your best options would be 1) buy a router and use the virgin hub in modem mode.  2) Powerline adaptors from amazon, eBay etc.   2) A Mesh system is the best system and again can be picked up on Amazon.

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