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Tuning in


I have no internet since Wednesday  5th July and logged a complaint. Technician came in on Friday and he stated  there is a complete power loss and out side wire needs to be redone completely and left stating I should get a call before closing time today to confirm. Few hour later another team arrived and stated that the fault is not with the external cables it’s and internal issue and need to be rewired internally. He sent the email to manager of the area infront of me explaining the situation. I was expecting call at least to explain me what’s happening as I am out of complete internet since Wednesday. I called customer service spoke to them and as a back up I am now booked with another technician appointment for Monday. My question is how many hours after Virgin have not fixed the complete loss fault I can switch with another provider. From the way things are going I most likely will be better off to switch then waiting another couple of days as I work from home. Internet is crucial for me.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi amc1987,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂

Sorry to hear of the experience you've had, I've had a look and can see you've been able to contact us since your post on Friday.

If you do still need help with this please let us know.


Tuning in

I think I can officially say my worst decision in life I made is going with Virgin Media. Their customer services is absolutely b***s***. I have never been lied to by any other providers I have been with in the RFA to what’s happening and about the fixes. I have had 7 visits from different tech people but no one could solve the issue and it took them 9 days to identify that the network is down. Today is the 10th day with complete loss of services and they have no clue how to sort this out so far. All I hear is they have differ teams and the ticket has been raised. 

Hello Alex, I still have a complete loss of service had more then 7 visits and no results produced. It took 9 days to identify that’s it’s a network issue and nothing to do with the hub or fiber. Every time I call the customer service I have to explain everything from beginning to end. I have been told like the previous times it should get sorted in 24 hours or so. Please can you kindly at least tell me when this will get fixed.

Hi @amc1987 thanks for getting back to us.

Sorry to hear you've been having complete loss of service and for any inconvenience it may have caused. We've checked our systems from here and everything is showing as online.  Can you confirm if this is the case?