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No internet/tivo

Why do I pay vm for a service that hasn't been fixed in 12 days! Keep there is interference in the line! No WiFi no tivo service and was told ot would of been sorted at 9am today!it's now 6.10pm and still no service! There is 4 junction boxes within 5minutes walk ofy property and not seen a single vm tech at any of them! A feel like making a complaint to ofcom! A see all these TV ads punting your products but what's the point if you can't even give us a service! I've had to wreck my mobile data and myfi for almost 2 weeks and all I get is a pathetic apology and a few quid off my bill,seems vm attitude to customers is a bit lax and no care for the people that pay there wages!

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Re: No internet/tivo

I'm sorry to hear about this Andy_murray1988, 


I've located your account details and there are some timeouts developing via your equipment levels that I'd like for an engineer to check. 


I've sent you a private message so that we can chat some more. 


Speak soon, 



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