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No internet for 10 days and feels like no one is communicating


its so hard to find out what has really gone wrong that has led to our internet being out for 10 days. We've been told all sorts of things by the call centre - new cables being laid, damaged cabinet , noise on the line ... Three deadlines have passed for the fix whatever that is and still no internet. 

They say they can't log my fault until all the problems in the area have been fixed regardless of whether my fault is one of them. 

All the postcode is out. LS17 7PL

I've been told that an Area Field Manager would call me. That hasn't happened yet. 

Its so frustrating when VM service has previously been very good. 

Any ideas how to progress it?

i've looked for a complain form but can't find one.

Thanks in anticipation  


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Re: No internet for 10 days and feels like no one is communicating

Do a search in a well known engine that starts will G. For the email of CEO of Virgin Media.

I would post the info, but the mods will block it out, even when its well known and in the public domain.

Then send him an email, and one of this team will get back to you.

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My advice is at your own risk.
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Re: No internet for 10 days and feels like no one is communicating

Hi Twotyred,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


My apologies you are experiencing no internet connection and the AFM has not called you back.


Looking into this, there is an SNR (signal to noise ratio) fault in your area. The reference number is F006587317 and has a review date of 12th October. 


However as this fault would cause intermittent connection, and you are offline completely, I think something else might be at fault. For this I would like to book an engineer to check this over for you. I've sent you a PM (purple envelope icon, right corner) with some more information.


Speak soon


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