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No internet - Modem mode

Hi all

I have a Superhub 3, put it into modem mode a long time ago, everything was going fine untill about 10:15pm last night.

I have no internet connection, the Hub has a green light on the bottom of it and the arrows are flashing green.

This morning at 7 i turned it all off, went out (15-20mins) turned it all back on. Same thing.

Went online and ran the diagnosis thing. There is no known issues in the area. Ran the broadband issue and just says devices are turned off?

Any help? As I would like internet to keep my 3 children happy with Netflix ect.

Many thanks
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Forum Team
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Re: No internet - Modem mode

Hi there Flipperfeet123,


Thanks for taking the time to post on the community.


I'm sorry to read you are experiencing loss of broadband connection.


On the day you posted, there was a fault reported in your area which has now been closed as resolved. Your broadband connection is showing as online with no errors.


Is the internet now working ok for you or are you experiencing any further issues?

Kind regards


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