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No WiFi green lights on hub3

This is driving me insane!  I have 6 people in my house 4 or them adults that need WiFi for WORK and a child that needs to do school work! I have had an unsteady connection since early March.  Had an engineer come out and replace my hub etc.  All OK for a few weeks and now back to no connection. 

I can't get hold of support, can't book an engineer, can't get help online! This is not acceptable!! None of the walk thru's work and I still just have green lights on the box.  Also no problems supposedly in the area? I'm going to have consider changing to another provider. Had rubbish WiFi for over 3 years on and off now. 

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: No WiFi green lights on hub3

If your ethernet cable connected devices are all working as expected - then you just have a wifi issue.

VM are unlikely to solve that for you. The best solution is to source your own (better quality) wireless equipment and solve it once and for all.


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