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No WiFi, flashiness green lights for days

For weeks my hub has had flashing green lights & no internet. It’s be ok for a few days the go down again. Ive tried everything, switching on/off, resets, works sometimes, not others. The test just tells me the equipment switched off! I spoke to Virgin media 2 weeks ago who said it was a fault & would be fixed. It worked for about 4 days then stopped again. Constant flashing green lights on the Internet light & WiFi light& the bar at the bottom.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: No WiFi, flashiness green lights for days

As well as the “Check Service Status” weblink, there is also a Service Status number 0800 561 0061 which usually tells you of local issues, down to postcode level (that might even not yet be listed on the Service Status web page) that may give you more info.

Also, do a pinhole reset to factory settings.  With the Hub "on" push in the pin on the back/side/bottom of the Hub with the end of a paperclip until you feel it at the “stop point” and hold for a "timed" 60 seconds do NOT restart the Hub after that.  Your passwords/passphrase for both the Hub settings  and Wifi networks should revert to the two printed on the Hub sticker on its base/side/card.  If that doesn’t sort it  - call it in as faulty.

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