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No Service and going in circles - VM Staff please help!

Joining in

Hello all!
Please if there is a VM tech support employee, please contact me to help. I am reaching a state of despair as I am going round in Customer Services circles and getting nowhere. Right now I have zero service for 36 hours.

Background / Issue:

 - For several months I have been suffering with poor uplink bandwidth but despite raising 2 customer complaints CS refused to acknowledge a problem. Eventually they yielded and yesterday an engineer was dispatched.

 - The engineer arrived 9am and after confirming that the uplink was degraded (uplink power out of spec), he set about fixing it, including replacing the HUB and the Fibre to Coax coupler on the outside. We concluded with a completely broken service. NOTHING! We had gone from an annoying service to no service.

 - The engineer deduced that it must be a fibre problem so he handed off to the fibre team who (give them their dues) were out within 3 hours! The fibre team did not see any issue with the fibre but as they had been asked to blow a new fibre, they duly complied. Problem not resolved. Same error on the Hub.

 - Yesterday afternoon I was trying to escalate left, right and centre to no avail. I was passed from pillar to post - including retentions who were no (real) help either. Today the original engineer returned at 19:30 (almost 36 hours of zero service) and can see no problem with his signal meters. He set about changing the remaining components, the internal power/signal splitter and the coax power adapter. The only thing he has not changed is the coax itself.

 - Noting that the test meter says signal levels are fine, he left stumped and I am left despairing...... He says he will escalate to his manager in the morning but who knows what will happen....

 - The diag log in the hub is indicating that it is timing out on getting response from the core.

Working in telecoms myself (but not on BB stuff), I have a hunch that the only thing that can be the problem is that I have been mis-provisioned in the core when he switched over the hub. (It was at this time when we lost service completely). The engineer seems not to agree (and to be fair, who am I to tell him how to do his job).

With my limited understanding, a core mis provision (eg. wrong hub serial number attached to my account) could explain why he can see good laser signals on his test box and could explain why the core is "not responding".... Of course I could be wrong....

My question here is 3 fold:-
1) Are there any VM tech staff here that can please contact me and perhaps look at my account configuration?
2) Is there anywhere where I can see what hub is paired to my account so I can cross check myself with the hub electronic serial number?
3) Has anyone else suffered a similar fate who can perhaps share what their problem was / the debug info that was showing on such a fault?
4) How do I find the highest escalation point in VM (that does not involve retentions who are proving no use to me) so I can get this resolved. I am currently unable to work from home as mobile phone signal is very poor on 02 (my network).

Any help will be gratefully received.

Cheers to all


Joining in

UPDATE: Problem has finally now been resolved. The 4th visit (and 3rd hub) led to a successful outcome.

Hi @bdd005 

Thanks for coming back to the thread and updating us. 

I am glad to hear everything is fixed, do pop back if you ever need further assistance.

Forum Team

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