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No Internet or TV

On our wavelength

A week ago my Virgin internet stopped working and the router started flashing red. I restarted the router and checked the cables. During this period my tv still worked albeit the box kept telling me there was no internet. Last Friday Virgin emailed me to apologise for the disruption to my service and stated that the down time was down to a software issue as the regional control center and that I should be back up. 

My internet has been down ever since and now I can't even watch TV because a message pops up every few seconds saying the internet hub is not connected. I have an engineer booked for tomorrow. I have been unable to get through to a human being on the phone.

Not happy.


On our wavelength

I should add that at the weekend my router switched from flashing red to flashing green

If you phoned in the fault when it started your should be eligible for compensation for a total loss of service on the broadband/phone.

That would involve them answering the phone. The phone line just says we will send you a text and they hang up before getting near a real person.

If you got an automated response, acknowledging a fault, that logs the issue for the compensation AIUI. Similar for the automated service status number 0800 561 0061.

That page claims I have no faults and sends me around in a big circle. I did go to that page multiple times last week.

They only acknowledged I needed an engineer. I don't think that counts as them acknowledgement of full service outage?