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No Ethernet, patchy Wifi

I'm having real problems with my Internet connection. Ethernet simply does not work anymore, showing 'Unidentified Network' for the adapter status. WiFi doesn't seem to work further than about 6 feet from the router, and cuts out frequently. I have tried all the resets and reboots that are recommended. The Service Status says no problems in my area. The 'Self Test' button on that page says 'Oops, something is broken', which isn't overly helpful.

I am unable to attempt to resolve this matter over the phone, as I am very hard of hearing and simply can't hear what people are saying to me when they are in a noisy call centre.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Re: No Ethernet, patchy Wifi

Hi Andrew,

You could try using the Text Message service, there number is 07533 051809 just text and say my internet isn't working using wired connection and request an engineer call out.


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