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No Broadband for 12th day now

Joining in

I was connected to your "precious" broadband on 25th of September. From the get go, the router was showing solid yellow light. "Technical issue" - I thought. Will be fixed in no time! How blindly naive I was. I called a helpline and was told that it will be sorted within 48 hours. Then I was told that the technician visit is needed. So again had to wat another day. After visit he said it's an easy fix from Virgin side, a network issue and should be done quick. When I didn't get any messages after his visit I called again. And I was told to wait again 48h. Then it was the weekend and next week was similar. The only thing they can do when calling is "escalate" the issue (which doesn't do anything) or wait. They can't even contact the IT technicians teams, they can only see if the "repair ticket" was resolved or unresolved. I'm going mad because this is absolutely unacceptable. I'm working from home, my child wants to watch her shows and the only thing I have (thankfully!) is my phone data plan. Which isn't the perfect option as you all can imagine. My case was escalated 5 times I believe and it didn't do nothing! I'm sick and tired of your awful approach to this. This was the only place that I haven't tried yet, so I thought I'd give it a go. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Yorgen89 

Thanks for posting and welcome to both the team and Virgin Media.

I am very sorry for this install experience. Not the level of service we aim to offer.

I've checked the IT ticket now for you and one of the team did escalate it. This means the issue is more complex to fix but having checked the ticket today, we are still working on it. You'll be contacted by the team when they have an update/resolution.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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