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No Broadband and no TV for 3 days now.

Joining in

No service at all for 3 days.  The problem is not at my end - nothing wrong in my home.  It's a Virgin problem.  I get updates with estimated repair times and they keep pushing it back.  It's now due to be fixed by lunchtime tomorrow. Won't hold my breath - this is what they said yesterday.  Shocking service.  Will have to consider switching as this has happened too many times now. 


Alessandro Volta

Keep track of all the dates, times, update messages etc. You will be eligible for compensation for a total loss of service of the broadband as per conditions below

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi AE3 👋🏼.


Thank you for posting and welcoming you onto our community forum 😊.


Sorry to see you have had no service for 3 days ☹.


Since your last post are your services back up and running now?


Know you can always track any faults in your area by clicking our service status page


In terms of compensation if you click this 👉🏼 link, this will give you a more insight of how the compensation works. 


Thank you. 

Ari - Forum Team

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Joining in

Thanks for the advice.  I did indeed keep a track of the loss of service.  There's no compensation for the first two working days and all you get is £9 per full day after that.  The broadband was restored half way through day 4.  So all I'm going to get is £9.  I don't think this is much of a compensation.

I also signed up to get text messages on the status.  All these did was raise my hopes and dash them again.  Messages quoted a time by which service would be restored  eg. your service will be restored by 12 noon tomorrow. But on 3 occasions the deadline was missed and then a new text was sent with a new date and time. The new text always arrived after the time that it should have been fixed. So it was very hard to plan my working schedule as I never knew whether it really was going to be working or not. 

Good morning @AE3 

Thanks for coming back to us and reporting the issue is fixed. 

I am sorry again for the service issue.

Please do pop back to the team if you ever need further assistance.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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