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New customer - Poor performance for Streaming services and Social media

Having switched my internet to Virgin a few weeks ago i have had nothing but problems. Any time I or my partner use Instagram on any devices, we are having consistent problems with images loading (+5 second per photo). We are having to switch to 4G to use this particular social media platform.

Additionally, streaming services are also suffering, with us unable to use streaming services (4oD, iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon, NowTV) on TV, Phone or PC.

There is only 2 devices that are connected at any one time so there should be no bandwidth issues. My previous provider gave me half the speed i currently get i never had problems like this so i assume either: (1) i'm not getting the service i'm paying for (2) there is packet loss/network congestion (3) there is throttling for certain services (Social media and streaming services) (4) there is a simple setting on the hub that can be changed to fix this???

Can someone provide any help or feedback on this? Has anyone else experienced this before and been found a resolution?

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Re: New customer - Poor performance for Streaming services and Social media

first thing to test is streaming when using ethernet (ie WIFI turned off).
if the problem goes away then you have a local WIFI issue and not a virgin service issue.

let us know the results.

(note - virgin don't throttle anything).

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