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New customer Internet problems

Joining in

Had broadband and TV fitted on Tuesday but the Internet keeps dropping out every few minutes (can't watch any form of catch up as it keeps cutting out) the installer has told me I need to give it 9-10 days is this true. It currently is not getting any better. 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

NO - it requires no time to "settle".

But, are the issues only evident on wifi connections or do you see them at the same times on devices connected on ethernet cables? If you don't know, can you check on one connected on ethernet to help diagnose whether it is just a wifi issue or it could be network connection/Hub related?

What Hub model is it? What are the various Hub lights showing/doing when this happens if a Hub3 is the base light a steady white(ish) or flashing green?


I do not work for VM. My services: HD TV on VIP (+ Sky Sports & Movies & BT sport), x3 V6 boxes (1 wired, 2 on WiFi) Hub5 in modem mode with Apple Airport Extreme Router +2 Airport Express's & TP-Link Archer C64 WAP. On Volt 350Mbps, Talk Anytime Phone, x2 Mobile SIM only iPhones.

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Sorry not great on the set up but we have 2 virgin boxes that I think look wired in and both keep dropping out when trying to watch on demand/netflix.  All other wireless devices like phones ans alexa also keep dropping out. The hub is the hub 5 which just has a white light on the bottom.  The only other lights are on the new wall box where all the wires come into the house, that's just a green light under the bottom. Thanks for the reply


Below are some Signal Level Checks

Via connect to the Hub, do not login in, scroll down to "Check router status"

Using the Hub's "Check router status" tabs check the Downstream and Upstream power levels are in spec.

Downstream Power Levels of -7 to +7 dBmV are preferred, +10dBmV is the max acceptable, with a SNR of 33dB or higher across all DOCSIS 3.0 channels. Rising error counts across many channels is a current service noise fault.

Power Levels of 35 to 49 dBmV are preferred, with QAM 64 Modulation mode across four to six DOCSIS 3.0 channels.  Seeing QAM 32/16 is a current service noise fault.

Update. The engineer who fitted the system came back and replaced the box as it was faulty, thanks

Thanks, found out the box was faulty 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Burnhambaggie,

Thank you for your posts and welcome to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm so sorry to hear of the broadband connection issues that you've been experiencing. However, I'm glad to hear that this has now been addressed and resolved.

Please do let us know if there's anything more that we can help you with.


Zach - Forum Team
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