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New Hub 4.0

My first post here so apologies if this has been answered before.

We got new hub 4.0 delivered last week and I installed it on Saturday as apparently you need to activate it within 5 days from delivery(?)

Now, the installation is fairly simple plug n play, call to activate, wait few minutes and boom all is working as it should.


I changed the SSID name and password for my WiFi during the initial configuration of my router, it then decided to update software and.... kick me out.... no password would work anymore, not the one I changed to when you first log in nor the one on the sticker underneath. 

A call to tech department (1h15m on hold)... the answer was to use a reset button at the back which I did. It brought the router back to default setting and I was able to log back in and change the SSID and password to WiFi again.... happy ending? NOPE

Around 9pm router rebooted making it again impossible to log in... no password works(checked three different browsers)

Do I really need to reset the router every time I want to log in to it? Seems a little silly (I'd rather use a different word here)


Any ideas?

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Re: New Hub 4.0

Do the factory reset and run it for a few hours without changing any settings or password and see how it goes.

Once you are happy that it is working OK change one item at a time, run for a few hours and then change your next setting.


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