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Re: Netflix won’t work on any device

Have you tried to run a traceroute or ping from a PC to Netflix?

If you can get internet on your devices but can't get to Netflix then my guess is that the issue is with Netflix determining that your speed is not sufficient to stream their content at the desired bitrate. 

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Re: Netflix won’t work on any device

HI Lukeg,

Sorry to hear about the Netflix problems, odd that it's happening across all devices yet other streaming services are unaffected.

Does this happen at all times of day, has it ever worked on your virgin connection?

Have you tried logging into your Netflix account and 'signing out of all devices' and logging back in?

Are you able to try with a wired connection to any device?

Do you specify DNS settings on your devices?

I've not been able to locate your account from your forum login, if you could drop us an update here from your home connection we'll be able to locate your details and run additional diagnostic checks on your Hub and local circuit to try and identify any issues.

Kind rgds



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Re: Netflix won’t work on any device

My initial thought, based on the symptoms the OP is describing is that Netflix are blocking their public Virgin Media IP address.

That would certainly  account for why they can't connect from any wifi devices.

Alternatively we can't rule out websafe, but I rather doubt that as the cause.  Definitely we need to see a traceroute.  However if this were  me, I'd be contacting Netflix.


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