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Netflix says i'm using a Vpn...

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This has happened a few times now over the last few months. 

Programs we have been watching are suddenly not there, once it happened whilst something was paused, we went back to it 15 minutes later only to met with an error saying...

"You appear to be using a vpn". 

Nothing has been changed, either with Netflix or with my virgin account. 

To test it I've asked my son in London, who uses my Netflix account, to search for a missing program, and it's there. So it's definitely a Virgin problem. 

I've restarted the modem and it's made no difference, last time it happened it seemed to fix itself after a few days. 

Anyone any ideas? 





I suspect Netflix realised what they were doing and unblocked your IP.

My guess is that your current IP has previously been used by somebody using a VPN - and it got blocked by Netflix. Not unknown by Netflix.


@Fastra wrote:

It was happening on 5 device's. 

A PC, Macbook, firestick, Samsung galaxy s8 and samsung, tablet. 

There are no viruses on any of them.


But as of yesterday, all of the missing programs have returned. 

And I've changed nothing. 


1.2Gb/100Mb in Oxford (area 31) using SH5