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Re: Net speed Issues


Since my sister has no work over this weekend I had time to narrowing down and pinpoint the issues on my end.

BQM live graph should be working 24/7 - EdgeRouter 4  rule seems to have worked.

Ubiquity NanoHD AP was set to channel 48, moved it to 44 and is beaming out max speed to all devices that I have tested with many devices getting max throughput

Raspberry Pi 4 - Pi-Hole unbound server was causing  some issues and has been removed. Have set PiHole to use cloudfare and everything is working well.

EdgeRouter4 - QoS is setup and doing its job properly.

Playstation 4 Pros are getting max throughput. Games are downloading at speeds of up to 20mb a sec again.

PC Steam downloaded and installed a 13 gig game in 4 min at a stable 24-27mb a sec

Tablets/Smartphones/Laptops and Smart TVs are all loading 4k and 1080/60 with minimal buffering on Twitch/YouTube/Netflix/BBC/Disney

All speed tests I have performed over and are showing 330-380 down and 35-40 up. Also Ubiquity WiFiMan app is showing similar results.

I am 100% sure the issues seemed to have come from the unbound dns server and the Ubiquity NanoHD Firmware update.

I am certain and positive everything has gone back to way I had my network pre-lockdown.

My only question is are my router stats OK? is there any way to lower the latency?

Other than that I appreciate the suggestions and replies again. Thanks 

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