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Need access to blocked websites

Virgin media are a complete joke!!

They've managed to block certain websites crucial websites I need to be able to work from home... 10 months of working from home and no issues...

Two days of missed work owing to an issue virgin have caused. 

20 phone calls... Five where hung up...

Won't put me through to a manager 

Techical support? Joke

Gadget rescue? Joke

No one wants to take ownership

One guy said a new router will resolve the issue... OK send one out... Oh no we can't do that because your router works...

Ok so if i smash it with a baseball bat can you send one out....

No we haven't got access to do that....

An absolute shower of sh%t


Can I cancel my contract??

No let's bounce you round departments and keep you on hold for hours!!


[MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]


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Re: Need access to blocked websites

VM do NOT block websites unless ordered to by the government. Websafe & Childsafe when it is turn on could block websites you need to check these. Much more likely your IP address is being blocked by the website itself. What message are you getting?

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