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NETGEAR R6250-100UKS as router?

I've been thinking about adding a dedicated router to my SH3 for a while now.

The reasons being to take the strain of the SH3 (leave it in modem mode) and to increase wi-fi range and throughput. 

For gaming on my pc I just use cat 6 ethernet but I would like greater wi-fi speed and range now Im on 350mb for my other devices (phone & tablet etc). Oh, and I'm on .608 firmware my BQM is better, but I still get spikes.


The reason I'm thinking of this one is...

Gigabit Ethernet 

AC wi-fi with Beamforming

Dual band 2.4 & 5GHz

Dual-core processor

It's only £60

Does anyone else have an opinion? Alternatives?

Thanks for your input.

Link to router on amazon NETGEAR R6250-100UKS R6250 AC Dual Band Gigabit Smart Wi-Fi Router

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