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Moving Virgin hub

I currently have my hub upstairs next to my IMac. My V6 box is connected to the internet downstairs and my television via an Ethernet switch box which is hard wired from upstairs to the hub.

My question is I would like the hub downstairs for better wi-fi reception to iphone and iPad so would it be possible to connect the V6 box to the hub and move the switch box upstairs. This hopefully would maintain the present configuration but would leave a spare internet wire upstairs.

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Re: Moving Virgin hub

As a customer requested change, that'll be £99 for VM, in return for about three quids worth of cable.  You could do it yourself, but:

a) that appears to breach VM T&Cs

b) you'll need to do some research to make sure you're using a suitable quality cable 

c) you'd need to work carefully to avoid kinking or flattening the cable.

d) if there's any problems, there's no recourse to VM

Alternative approaches involve running an ethernet cable downstairs (if need with a switch to manage multiple devices), running a cable the same and attaching a wireless access point downstairs (could be an old VM hub if you've got one), or buying a better wifi router to place upstairs that will serve the whole house, and giving up on the lightweight routers that VM supply.

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Re: Moving Virgin hub

There is no need to move anything, just buy a wireless access point and connect it to your switch. If you need help in configuring the WAP, come back here.

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