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More security and control over my network

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I'd like more control over what devices connect to my router. I believe that a business account would provide this or a different router. I've used the connect app to pause devices but my DD has discovered that by restarting her iPhone she's able to re access the WiFi with a different Mac address.


Alessandro Volta

Your query would probably be best placed on the 'Networking and Wifi' forum for more in depth advice on networking matters and equipment.

The hub's features and functions are basic. You could get more functionality and control with your own router/networking equipment. Or you could set up parental controls on the devices you want to manage. Apple seems to have such features available.

In the case of teenagers though, tech measures alone can create a false sense of security as invariably the teenagers will find a workaround of some kind to defeat the restrictions. Installing parental controls on individual devices may simply change arguments about access to/on the device into an argument about privacy on the device.

Yes, she's managed to bypass all the devices features so I need a remote option.

Not sure how to move my post on to the networking and WiFi forum 

Alessandro Volta

Your topic has been moved over.

I have no Apple expertise to offer but a quick Google suggests that 'Family Sharing' and 'Screen Time' may be the sort of thing which might help set restrictions on Apple devices.

What is the issue that you are trying to fix though? Access on the device during sleeping hours, access to unsuitable content etc.?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Your post has already been moved.

It is almost impossible to defeat a Tech savvy teenager in this regard 😡

But a better router with better controls is a good start.



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Unless you intend to flip the logic i.e. to block every unknown MAC address and then Enable only specific known MAC devices this is a battle that is lost as all phones + mobiles now support MAC Address Randomisation.

There is a far more useful solution education as to what is acceptable usage and behaviour - after all we mostly mange to get kids to not raid the fridge after midnight ! 

Alessandro Volta

To the extreme only give access to their very own AP that you control plus maybe a router if you want...but...if they reset the hub or can do that then it all for nothing.


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Very Insightful Person

Best option is your own networking equipment and run a RADIUS server.

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Hi @BobbyW thanks for posting and welcome back to our community.

I am sorry, I would not be able to offer any further advice from what our fantastic community members have suggested. We hope that you find the best resolution for you.  If you need us to look into things on your behalf, please do get back to us.



Alessandro Volta

If the problem is simply to control the times of Internet access, the only answer is to control the device itself.

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