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More problems

Joining in

New 360mbps hub 3 connection after moving from BT (Big mistake ???).

Hub 3 wifi drops out more often than not, great speex when it works, but just totally unreliable.

Just plugged in a pod, but wifi still dropping out more than it is working.

Landline - dials out great.  Wont connect incoming calls, just pushes straight to voicemail I dont need.

TV - 360 box seems to work far.

Customer support - after hours waiting, doesnt seem to be very supportive.

So the BT swap question - yes, so far seems to be a mistake having come to VM.


I had teething problems with BT, but after a couple of tweaks, worked fantastic for years.  Starting to wish I hadnt moved from them...


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Scott, 

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry to hear about the issues you've had since joining us. 

With regards to the broadband service. Can you confirm if you have any issues on a Wired connection?

Have you checked out our WiFi self help links: &

Have you been able to try a different handset on the landline? 

Do you have any additional equipment on the telephone line?