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Modem Mode

I have recently installed a Mesh system and am trying to switch my router into modem mode.  When I try to apply the new settings, the change isn't made.

I have switched off the wifi signal, but am still having some issues with sonos, so would like to use modem mode.  Any suggestions?  TIA.

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Re: Modem Mode

probably worth starting with a 60 second pinhole reset of the hub - depress the reset button for a full minute, then leave teh hub be for 10 mins - don't switch it off, just let it recover till it's fully back up and running... then follow this sequence..

Log into the hub on and select the option to put the hub into modem mode

The hub will then reboot and come back up in modem mode - give it five minutes to settle down

Disconnect all ethernet cables from the hub

Power off the Hub and your router/mesh system

Connect your router/mesh system to the hub via ethernet cable and switch it on - leave it five minutes to settle down

Power on the hub and leave it five minutes to settle down


Should all be working.