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Mobile phones keep losing connection

Hi folks,

im wondering if anyone can help or advise on whats going on, every now and again, my Android ASUS ROG phone and my girlfriends Iphone 11 will be kicked off the wifi and whenever we go into the wifi to reconnect it will say one of 2 things, yet the signal strength is perfectly fine.

i have my Hub3 set to broadcast 2.4g and 5g seperately and have named the SSIDs differently to differentiate.

on my 2.4g signal on my ASUS it always says that it cannot connect as the connection is temporarily full (or words to that effect)


all my other devices connect to the 2.4g fine and not had any issues.


on the 5Ghz channel which both phones connect too fine will say something like:




when this happens there is no way to get re connected without rebooting the hub3


now my house has a few things connected to the hub and ive tried to prioritise them and split them on both channels evenly heres my devices:

Ps5 (Ethernetted with cat8, has dedicated IP and rules to allow certain ports to be open to get NAT type OPEN)

Ps4 (wifi on 2.4g)

2 alexas on 2.4g

3 Sky Q boxes Main box is Ethernetted with Cat5e and the minis are Wifi on 2.4g

both phones are on 5G channel

PC which is ethernetted with Cat5e

Ipad which is on 2.4g (used only for work)

Nest heating system (2.4g wifi)

Nest doorbell (2.4g)

the DNS settings for SKYQ and PS5/4 are all pointing to cloudflare servers at and the SKY boxes are pointing to Googles

i am on the M500 package so my connection speeds are good enough to handle those devices easily enough.


i'm just stumped as to why it randomly kicks the phones off and why.


Any ideas on what i should do to stop this happening and why i cannot connect to the 2.4g on the phones because it says temporarily full?


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Re: Mobile phones keep losing connection

Have you turned off all automatic optimisation, auto channel selection and "intelligent wifi" in the hub's settings?

If that doesn't work then you're probably in the situation of needing to consider putting the hub in modem mode and buying a proper router or mesh system.  The router built into the hub is a very basic affair, designed for low cost, easy for VM to deploy and support, nothing else.  They're certainly not intended for customers with specific connectivity needs and a desire to configure advanced options. 

From the sound of it, a good standalone router may be best, rather than say a mesh system, because good value mesh systems generally offer less "tinkerability" than a router.  Whilst I don't have experience of these units, in your shoes I'd be looking at something like an Asus RT-AX55 or RT-AX56U, for ninety to a hundred quid.  May seem a lot, but add up the retail price of all that kit you've got, and then ask yourself why you're relying on the hub's pound shop router?

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Forum Team
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Re: Mobile phones keep losing connection

Hello @Neo_Angelo.


Welcome back to the community page, thank you for posting on here.


I am sorry to see your mobile is losing connection.


I can see you have been given some advice, can you please let us know if this has helped?


Many thanks,


Forum Team

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