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Messy technician left exterior cables not safe

Tuning in


I had my internet installed 17 April.

Technician arrived and installed a cable from the exterior to the house. 

He left the cables on the midle of the entrance and drilled a wall.

He didn't protect or hide the cables saying that on the next 3 days someone would come to protect and burying the cables. Also cover that mess on the wall. 

No one came.

Called virgin and they sent an engineer on the 8of May. 

Eng arrived and said he is the wrong engineer and not have the skills to finish the job and left. He took pictures and said would send to the manager to send the right person.

No one came.


I calle again and explained everything again. Virgin sent a another engineer on the 

I called again and virgin sent someone again on the 19 May. 

Again wrong engineer he said. Same excuse.... he Took pictures again and once again he said im sending to my manager. 

He promised that next Tuesday someone would come.. No one ever came

I called again and i told the call center person everything exactly what the eng said. That an external engineer is needed, some third party to hide and protect external cables and i was promised that this time would be the right one arriving. 

 Joke or no joke, today the next eng came and once again he said he is the wrong one and left. Said for me to call him tomorrow morning. 


4 engineers came and no one knows about the previous one. This is a joke. I am required to be at home for the engineers. I had to book holidays, i lost classes, im stuck at home all day and no professionalism and no information is shared.




I also have my Ring camera videos with the conversations and excuses if anyone wants to see. 

Can some please come to fix this please 

Cable left dangling on the wall and not protected20230530_193959.jpg

Cable attached on neighbours fence and not protected. Any rodent or any other animal can reach. Or lawnmower as this continues through the garden20230530_194006.jpg

Cable left on front door secured with nails and wall drilled and not a box or covered . This is not acceptable20230530_194010.jpg

 i got an email after eng left to saying job was done.


What we did
Bright reburied your external cabling.
While at yours, Bright also did a health check to make sure your services are all in tip-top order.

Pictures attached are after he left. So not sure wich cables he buried. 

Can someone send the correct engineer  this time and make sure if is the last time? And don't request me to be at home as im not asking for more half days off. 





Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @EduPais,

Thank you for your post and welcome back to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm so sorry to hear that there's been some ongoing problems with your installation and the cabling that's been left. I'm going to send you a private message in a few moments. Please respond to this when you can and we'll go from there.


Zach - Forum Team
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