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Massive broadband outage still not fixed

There was a massive Virgin Media broadband and TV outage in West London from late on Sunday night. I couldn't get online and neither could anyone I know. Estimated fix time last time we checked 

Today, Virgin Media's website says the problem is fixed, but there's still no Internet, even though I've restarted the router a couple of times. The site also says there are no engineer appointments.

How do I report that the broadband isn't fixed, without spending 45 mins in a call centre queue? I also tried tweeting Virgin Media, but they didn't answer. 

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Massive broadband outage still not fixed

You have 4 choices.

Wait and keep checking your connection,

You can persevere on the phone (08:00 is the best time),

Use the text service on 07533051809,

Or wait on here for a few days until one of the VM Forum Staff comes along.

If you wait on here Do Not bump the thread it will put it further down the VM 'to do list'.



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