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Managing websafe settings

Tuning in

I have been trying for a couple days to change the websafe settings on my account, but am unable to.

When I go to my account settings, the option is nowhere to be found, and any other page is just stuck on an infinite loop of loading.

https://www.virginI have tried this page, but that also is stuck on the loading logo: can someone please help me?



Login to the Virgin Media online account at :

Then visit : Account Settings >>> Online Security

Set Virus Safe to On
Set Child Safe to Off ( this is the option that is blocking content )

I have tried that, but any page besides the home page keeps being stuck on loading


Bypass Child Safe

This is a workaround for when Child Safe does not or cannot be turned off

Restarting the Hub will not help as it is the VM DNS and not the Hub that is causing the problem.

If you change the computer's network settings to use any Public DNS does that re-gains access.

Try with OpenDNS using and

I am picking this one as there are instructions here :

For Google Public DNS it would be the same method but and