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Mac timed Timed filtering on Hub 3 reverting to full mac bloc

Dear all,

I have an autistic son who does not know the meaning of sleeping and will constantly use devices during the night.

I successfully blocked an I pad during sleeping periods but as soon as I try and Mac filter his PS4 giving the same times and saving the changes they revert to a permanent mac block?????

I have seen the posts regarding an update and was wondering if anyone else was  having issues and if they have been able resolved.

Thank you

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Mac timed Timed filtering on Hub 3 reverting to full mac bloc

Hello Ashers71

Really sorry you are having problems with the MAC filtering on the hub3. Your symptoms seem to match what we have found with our own testing with the latest firmware (forum team) it only seems to affect some devices. I passed this on to our firmware team for further investigation. In the meantime it may be worth considering this possible workaround Re: Set internet time limit for child

Once we have any updates to report we will update the forum.

Thank you for your patience


Virgin Media Forum Team
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