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Mac (and possibly other PCs) losing WiFi connection

I was having problems. There are sone suggestions on here, but I thought I would report my solution.

My Mac was losing connection (or very very slow). I could turn off its wifi and on again and it would be okay.......for a while.

There were a few solutions suggested, but I found just doing one helped and now it does not drop out and I am getting consistent (at least) 150Mbps speed. I did not want to follow all steps suggested as I have loads of smart devices connected and feared I would have to re-pair.

My suggestion..........

1) Open in web browser and log in.

2) Click "Advanced Settings", then "Wireless" then "Wireless signal"

3) Scroll to the bottom and tick "Disable Channel Optimisation" for "Smart WiFi"

You will lose connection as the router re-boots and it can take 15 mins to reconnect.

I have had zero problems with any device in doing this and didn't have to change anything else. V.png

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Re: Mac (and possibly other PCs) losing WiFi connection

Always best to have this turned off if in router mode, but unfortunately must be turned on if you are using the VM “pods”. That’s why VM staff do not normally recommend this course of action.

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