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Low wifi signal an noise spikes

For the last 2-3 months I have had significant issues with my WiFi, and it has become gradually more unstable to the point that I am now getting very frustrated.

My study is located next to the living room, where the hub is (hub 3.0) and the signal strength is -70dBm, with a noise floor of about -98dBm. Every now and again, the noise spikes to reach -70 or -75dBm. Sometimes this happens when another device connects to the WiFi...but other times I have no idea why. Sometimes when that happens I have to disable and re-enable WiFi on my devices in order to get a working connection again.

I thought this was due to interference, but I have checked with a WiFi scanner app in all areas of the house, and I get no other signal on the 5GHz bands (this is the one I use).

Signal strength right next to the Hub is about -40dBm which seems low to me. The hub is on a shelf, with nothing around it.

I have tried to call technical support, but that redirected me to the website. I have done all the steps suggested (restart, reset) and no luck.

I am confident it is not an issue with the internet connection as wired devices seem fine.

I am guessing my hub may be about to fail? How do I go about getting a new one?

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