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Loss of service in G74

Joining in

I had no Wi-Fi for two days, got new Hub 5 and it was fine, for one day.

Ever since I’ve had NO broadband but constantly being told there is an issue in my postcode area and it is being looked into. This has been going on for over a week and we are now having to regularly buy more mobile data to keep in touch, at £25 a time!

When will this be sorted and how do I claim compensation for the data I am having to purchase? This is not what I would expect when paying over £100 per month for this ‘lack of service’ 

How do I get someone to deal with this?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Mexicotom 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

Very sorry to hear of the broadband issue. There is an SNR issue in your area (signal to noise ratio). This means the services maybe be intermittent. 

F011002887 - this is the fault reference number and the estimated fix date is tomorrow at midday.

SNR is intermittent connection so does not meet the criteria for compensation which can be found here we also do not cover the cost of mobile data I'm afraid.

Please can you go round all connections and splitters for me, making sure all are finger tight. 

Hopefully the issue is sorted sooner than tomorrow but after midday if still having issues, pop back and let us know, we can recheck for you.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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John, thanks for your reply, astonished to hear that, NOT getting my advertised level of broadband, despite ever increasing monthly charges, is not a consideration for compensation. If I buy something and it doesn’t perform as advertised, it goes back under the sale of goods act. Apparently if my broadband doesn’t, I’ve just got to put up with it. This, I’m afraid is not good enough after over 20 years as a Virgin customer.

Please let me know the process for leaving.


Here you go 

Cancel VM here
Complain to VM
Demand compensation from VM here
Demand your call recordings here
Monitor the state of your VM connection here