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Loss of broadband

Joining in


Lost connection on Sunday evening and since then hub 4 keeps restarting and flashing blue light but lately I noticed it flashes yellow light for a while and goes back to blue.

I know there are problems right now and engineers are working on fix. Last email I received gave me fault Ref: F010761284. When I check on serice status the time only changes to further as of now it is today 20th Jun 2pm.

I found that flashing blue means it's trying to connect



Joining in

Posted by mistake before I finished.

I found out that blue light means it's trying to connect so I wasn't to worried knowing there are ongoing works to fix the issue. But couldn't find anything about flashing yellow once in a while. Would be great to know if I just need to wait for fix or should I try to get engineer to check it here. 

Thanks for help