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Loss of broadband service

I never have issues with lost internet connection until today. Every few minutes, sometimes as little as 20-30 seconds, the internet goes off. I turned the router on and off and reset it but the problem remains....i phoned  Virgin, an auto test was performed, as a result I was told I needed to talk to someone. 45 minutes later I was connected with an agent, explained the problem and was told nothing could be done as it was currently working....I explained that my Wife is extremely seriously vulnerable and as such neither of us can leave the house, we rely very heavily on the internet for socialising and online ordering and recreation ( Netflix ) at a time such as this, such things are critically important 

but was told to phone back when the internet was OFF, I explained its intermittent and with a wait time of 45 minutes this wasn’t possible, was told to wait 72 hours and monitor it 😱 I said we can’t manage without the internet, he could not offer any help, even though the auto test advised I had to talk to someone, I assume the internet must have been OFF during this test.....was a complete waste of time.....

isn’t there a way that Virgin can monitor loss of connection for my service ? This is not acceptable, if it’s just a router fault, I am happy to set a new one up, especially as it cost Virgin only pennies to send one out....

Desperately need some help p l e a s e


thanks in advance

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Re: Loss of broadband service

Good afternoon,

I am a Virgin media Technician (71786) Please send a private message to Me with Your account number and area reference code which You would have received when You first joined and I will look into this issue for you.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards


Here to help! I'm a technician helping out whilst working from home. Find out more

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