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Loss of booster connection and poor wi-fi

We recently signed up to Virgin Media and now how the ultimate oomph  broadband and TV multi room package.

We have a TiVo box downstairs in our lounge along with the router and booster both plugged in next to one another. We also have another TiVo box in the main bedroom along with another booster again plugged in next to one another.

However we recently notice a red light on the second booster in the main bedroom so after trying to contact an actual person we gave up and had to go down the app route and follow the instructions on how to reset and pair the booster again. 

We paired it with the other booster down stairs in the lounge but now we have poor wi-fi speed upstairs and the TiVo box in the bedroom is showing poor connection.

We also noticed on our devices that we have another network key on their which is the same as on the back of the second booster but when trying to connect to that network on our kids devices it doesn't work? 

All things were working fine until we tried to rectify the booster issue using the guide on one of tha apps.

  • Please advise.🙏
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Re: Loss of booster connection and poor wi-fi

Congratulations for falling for all the VM marketing.


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