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Longstanding Intermittent Access

Appreciate that there will probably be loads of the same subject.  For what seems like forever, the wifi signal has been very intermittent.  Normally just a pain, but we lived with it. However, with working from home, and many Zoom meetings and school live lessons, it's now getting serious.  I've switched off at the mains several times, rebooted it with a pin in the back more than once. Gave up waiting for someone to answer the phone after an hour. No faults in the area.  All connections seem solid.  Is there anything else I can do? The signal goes down several times throughout the day/night

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Re: Longstanding Intermittent Access

if it's just a wifi signal issue, then you can resolve this yourself by purchasing your own, better quality wifi gear.  Whether you think you should have to do this or not is something that you'll have to wrestle with, but many folks on this forum have come with similar issues and done precisely that and gone away happy, basking in their whole-home-wifi.

before you do that though, it's worth doing some investigation to see whether it's just an issue with the wifi or if there's anything more fundamental wrong with your connection.. you can start by creating a BQM - this will monitor your connection over time and will give you a picture of how it's performing.

It's also important to test the connection using an ethernet cable.. as inconvenient as this might be, it goes some way towards knowing whether the issues you're having are just with the wireless signal, or if they are broader.. 

edit: you could also download something like inSSIDer for your PC (or a similar app on a phone..) and do a scan of your local RF environment... it's also possible that you are just using really congested channels and you could improve the situation by doing some manual configuration on the hub.. this might improve things a bit, but the hub is a poor device so it might also make zero difference.. 

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