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I've been with many broadband providers over the years, my job as a financial journalist requires me to have a constant connection with a reliable provider. Then I joined Virgin. Well I say I joined, I phoned up and gave them my direct debit details had no choice on the date of payment and a promised "welcome pack" never came. I don't know my account number, never received one email from Virgin etc etc. I was recently cut off due to my own financial mismanagement but received no warning whatsoever. Luckily I can use my mobile as a tether but trying to speak to customer services was a farce. Kept being asked for my "secret word" which I don't have. I don't cover consumer finance but might make an exception with Virgin as from my days in law I can cite numerous breaches of contract despite never receiving one. The key tenants of a contract were in place, an offer from Virgin to supply broadband, my acceptance and the all important consideration (money) but I have no actual copy of a contract. I know Vodafone's former GC Rosemary Martin and perhaps more saliently Edward Smith who left his role as head of legal at O2 (Telefonica) ahead of the closure of the JV between O2 and Virgin (which he was instrumental in crafting).

So it can get quite interesting, with Liberty Global being the "mastermind" behind all this consolidation. What it means for customers of course is less choice but that's business and I don't blame companies for trying to increase profits. Also, telecoms is a great sector to hedge against inflation as prices can be adjusted accordingly if it's stated in the contract. But if you've never received one? Then that's not permissible under English & Wales law. No doubt this will be removed by moderators so I've saved a copy for further dissemination. I don't want a refund or anything but I see that customers are experiencing difficulties with Virgin so just wanted to highlight my experience.  



The reason we only sign up to ISPs, mobile phones, and Utility services on-line is to avoid this issue where the offshore sales person types in our details and email address with errors meaning we for ever struggle re-connect with the account.  Odd how the payment details are always secured perfectly by the offshore sales team !

Bet the VM emails are going to some confused bloke called Davidmstephenson. 

Cancel VM here
Complain to VM
Demand compensation from VM here
Demand your call recordings here
Monitor the state of your VM connection here

lol! Possibly so. I've actually been with Virgin before for its fibre optic super speed service which was amazingly fast. It wasn't until a friend who works in tech asked why I needed such speed did I change provider but tbh I wish I'd stayed. I imagine the company now has so many customers it has to be really streamlined to cope with demand so things can go astray but Virgin stood last minute when Vodafone screwed up the date of my changing provider so the speed they hooked me up was really impressive. 

Hi @davidmstevenson 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear of this experience.

I'll send you a PM now to help with this.

Best wishes.

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