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Listed building and broadband boxes

Joining in

Hi, can someone from Virgin let me know the process for installing Virgin Media Broadband on a listed building. When I spoke to someone on the Sales team I was told there was a separate process for listed buildings but wasn't able to tell me what it was. 




Alessandro Volta

Have you researched the local/national requirements from your local conservation officer at the council before involving VM?

Whatever info you might get from VM, there is no way at all it can be guaranteed it will work its way through to the installers who come out to do the work. This is because they are often sub-contractors and there is minimal communciation takes place between VM and the contractor, despite whatever best efforts you might set up with yourself and VM directly.

Often the contractors turn up unannounced to do the external work so it is common, in the topics on here, that the customer (if they happen to be out) may not be able to supervise what they get up to.

Joining in

Thanks. Given it isn't possible to make any alterations to the outside of a property without listed building consent, I was wondering what the alternatives are to having Virgin's standard external box. I have seen other comments saying there are alternatives but don't know what they are.

I spent 30mins on the phone to VM earlier but the agent hung up (I think because she didn't know the process for listed buildings and didn't want to make her call stats look bad). Such poor service from VM, I think I'll have to contact them on social media unless I get adequate response within 24hrs.

Hi ohbb, 

Thanks for taking the time to get in touch via the community. It's great having you on board with us. 

We're sorry to hear the call didn't go to well. You can speak to the sales team who will be able to organise a site survey with you. They will come out to have a look at things. If we're able to install you can then start the process. 

If permissions are needed, it's worth noting that the install maybe delayed for the teams to get the permissions. Once received, they can then go ahead with things. 

You can reach the sales team on 0800 183 1234. 

Keep us posted on how things go. 


Forum Team

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