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Linksys Velop Bridge Mode

Hey Velop and Virgin users,

I have found the velop to be more stable and better speed in Bridge mode.

Seperate the SSID 2.4GHZ and 5ghz
Turn off all Advance WiFi such as steering Client and node.
Turn of air time fairness

The above can be found in the Web interface and not app by Clicking on CA Right side bottom menu. 

Also before going to bridge make sure Device priorities is off also.

My set up is
Modem VM hub
EA8300 Router WiFi Off
Velop Mash

I have around 25 devices connected at peak times with 20 being on the WiFi.

School and homeworking plus grandpa being on YouTube all day.

Not one drop or issues.

All the best.

Use Good ethernet CAT Cables CAT 7 and above if you have 200+ Connection

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