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Limited connectivity notes in Connect app

Dialled in

Hi, I have what appears now to be a very reliable WiFi setup, whereby I have all areas of my home covered with robust and fast WiFi, thanks to the addition of two VM WiFi Pods to my Hub 5. I am using modern connected devices throughout including iPhone, iPad, (and even dishwasher) but despite the Connect app reporting that I have “Great” connections on all devices and I should be able to get the most out of my WiFi without any interruptions, every device connection status note is then followed by “This device is suffering from limited connectivity and may negatively influence your experience”. This just doesn’t make sense as everything appears to be obtaining the expected fast download/upload speeds within the range that the respective device is capable of. I have tried resetting the Hub 5 but this hasn’t changed these notes. I could of course just ignore the negative reference altogether but surely the fact that I am seeing it on every device, (up to 14 when all powered on) except for the Ethernet connected devices, indicates something odd within the Connect app? Any thoughts would be much appreciated with thanks.



We have had VM service since 2017 and we do not use the VM Connect app, is it too inaccurate & too unreliable to be of any use to us. If your Wi-Fi kit is working fine then you are good to go.

I appreciate your comments, thanks. I have had experience of the Connect app for many years and that does sound about right. I realise it is restricted in the amount of useful data it gives you, so I’ll just go with the fact that everything appears to be working well. I was spoilt by the amount of data I previously got from my ASUS Zenwifi XT8 mesh system app. I just wish the techies who devise the app could explain why it does these things!


VM don't appear to even accept that the Connect app reports Jitter and Latency at up to 1000x the real values, and don't appear aware the connected devices are frequently reported as being from the wrong manufacturer sparking utter panic in customers concerned about Wi-Fi security.  Then there is the chaos the Connect app causes by pausing devices and later not listing all the paused devices. It is indeed a total basket case of a product.

Yes, it seems clear that the Connect app has never been deemed important enough by VM to devote key attention to and so it comes across as a ‘token gesture’ rather than something genuinely useful. Thanks again for your input.