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Leaving virgin early for shocking service

Just wondering if anyone has been successful in cancelling their package and walking away due to shocking service provided without paying a load of cash to leave. 


I had virgin installed around 4months ago and it had been the worse decision ever to switch from sky to virgin.  The internet connection has been on /off from go we are getting 100mb someday and others 25. We have hardly no wifi upstairs during to "blackspot" and even " electric fans in rooms" can stop the signal. The THREE wifi boosters have all disconnected from the hub and no matter what I do they will not re-sync or copy the ip from the hub. The photo is only talk weekends and even 1la 30 second call (made by the missus forgetting we dont have anytime calls) cost £££. My Bill's are higher than sky and I have nearly 50% discount.  Iv called virgin well into double figures to ask for an engineer only to be told pay £40 just for them to knock at my door, they have said they will send out PAIR of boosters so I waited and only 1 came. I have had the phone put down on me twice and iv had 2 complaints closed due to no issue with the hub connection but they haven't even about either complaint.  


I'm at a wits end now as to.where to go or what to do. I'm thinking the ombudsman is my next step. Any advice would help.



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Re: Leaving virgin early for shocking service

you will need to go thru the virgin complaints process fully first before going to the ombudsman - they will reject you until you have done that.

you can certainly cancel right now, but you will have to pay the early termination fee.
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