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Latency Issues not resolved. Cases closed.

Hi there

Over the past few months, since October to be precise I have experienced what I now understand is now a common occurance in high congested areas since lockdown.

Without attaching the emotional roller coaster and torment this has caused, because I know from experience the elders of the community here can be somewhat insensitive and derogatory. 

I've found myself explaining my situation so much that I cannot bare to do it any longer.

All the evidence I have gathered over the period (I have a folder full) since it started point the finger away from me as a customer and towards a problem that is not of my doing, but Virgin and whoever handles their equipment and maintenance.

I have spent every day researching this issue and I'm left in limbo without any communication from Virgin. I was informed the engineer was to attend our area and help finally resolve the over capacity on the 20 something of January, but immediately after, the high latency experience was still very much present.

So many days and days of phonecalls later, I managed to get information that the engineer did not have the tools required, therefor the fix was postponed until the 8th of February. I patiently and eagerly waited and when it came I thought I was finally going to be at rest and return to my working from home and earn an income again. This was not the case. It reached 9pm and the issue was ongoing still, so I called and managed to get through to someone sympathetic towards my case. They was slightly confused as their manifest stated that the engineer solved the issue at 2pm and signed it off, but lo and behold the issue was still going on. Both dumbfounded he apologised and recommended i take the action further with an OFCOM complaint and a few other procedures in the complaints area. Baring in mind I have registered a total of 18 complaints over the period of 5 months, all of which are closed without contact.

The whole situation has been deeply upsetting and I really wanted to avoid disconnecting, I had been a loyal customer for well over a decade so I understood some circumstances from experience, but this has pushed everything to breaking point.

My area of work is common, I have had community members suggest Virgin Business as I use it to source an income but this suggestion is absurd and a bit of an overkill considering the parameters. 

I use a streaming platform called Twitch and play games live, within competitive eSports. This is not easily understood by most, I am 32 and have heard many throughout the years deem this adolescent or not take it seriously but I have worked for many many years to build what I have and luckily put food on the table with what I earn. 

Virgin guarantee the best Gaming experience without ANY INTERRUPTIONS. They state it on their joining page to new customers. I will happily attach every piece of evidence and claims they have made which are for lack of a better word, fraudulent.

This latency issue isn't  DOWNLOAD SPEEDS. I have gone through this so many times but the tech team do not seem to understand.

Communication throughout this whole ordeal has been lacklustre 

I have no more doors to look behind, please can I get someone to assist here?


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Re: Latency Issues not resolved. Cases closed.

Whilst it's not what you're going to want to hear, this post from .@Andruser explains the options you have..

in some areas, VM have massively oversubscribed their available capacity and there's not a huge amount that you can do about it other than hope that they deploy more to cope with the load..  

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Re: Latency Issues not resolved. Cases closed.

I don't see how Virgin can possibly guarantee the best gaming performance when the entire concept of the network is based about faster download speed and higher latency than other ISPs which have slower download speeds and far lower latency. If you want to download gigabytes of stuff then Virgin is the network for you, but if you want to game then an OpenReach connection will always be better. Some people have both, Virgin for general internet and an OpenReach connection for gaming. 

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