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Laptop DNS keeps changing from DHCP to when connecting to VM wifi

Joining in

We are facing an issue with a business laptop which once connected to our home VM Wifi, it shows connected but with no internet access. The IT administrators investigated and we reached to the following conclusion:

As advised at the desk we believe the issue here is relating to the Home provider network (Virgin Media) connection causing the issue with the device, every time you connect to that network with our computer, it is changing the DNS Setting on the device from Automatic to Manual and adding in the number

When we revert this setting back on the device and test this on 3 different internet connections (Office Wi-fi, My Personal Hotspot and Your Personal Hotspot), all 3 work without issue via Internet and via VPN, it also changes the DNS to the right one for each connection (Office was, My Hotspot was 192.168.105.* and your hotspot was 170.10.*.*) and allows us to go back and forth to each connection without issue.

Based on these tests, the device itself, once we fix the setting back has no issue changing connections, leading the issue to be the Wi-Fi at home causing this. Whether the issue is the Network line or the Wi-Fi Router I can not say for certain but I can confirm, every time you connect to the home Wi-Fi, it changes the DNS setting, and then blocks all internet connections to the device which it should not do. 

I'd also want to add that the laptop was further tested in another two public wifi networks (cafes) with no issue with the DNS. Each time the DNS set appropriately by DHCP and the laptop had internet access.

Once connected to the home VM wifi the DNS is set to static (which obviously is not a valid DNS server) and is unable to access the internet again.

Can you please advise?



Legend (which obviously is not a valid DNS server)   -  Well it might be a valid DNS especially if it works ! is the standard IP that always points to your own machine.    Many Security Packages that contain a DNS based firewall or safe browsing tools ( also malware ) offer a DNS service at

What security suite / monitoring tool / firewall or software is on your computer that are at root of this ?

Alessandro Volta

Maybe the hub got hacked

reset it not reboot


Apologies for not mentioning this. We also did a factory reset using the pin reset button at the back of the Hub 3 which didn't resolve the problem.


This is not a Hub 3 issue.  

Do you have a 3rd party product that is managing the Wi-Fi connection ?

If you go into the device settings and re-enable DHCP so the computer uses the VM DNS does that re-gain internet access ?  

Or even replace the with Google DNS that should work too.

Alessandro Volta

A Wireshark of DHCP giving out would be nice



Perhaps we should also ask what IP & Gateway the computer attempts to use.