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Just upgraded to M1000 but speed is barely changed from M350

So, I just upgraded from M350 to M1000. Received my Hub 4.0. Replaced my Hub 3.0. Set it into modem mode, the same as the Hub 3.0.

Download speed is unchanged (I get an average of 380 mbps UL / 34 mbps DL on M350). Upload speed is about 10mbps higher. Testing against Virgin Media's dedicated Speedtest server in Brentford, which is about one mile from where I am physically located. 


This is after about two hours, so it's had time to "settle down".

My router is a custom 8 core Intel C3758 with 16GB of RAM and Gigabit ethernet all connected by cat 6. I'm not using wifi for any of these tests. The router is way overpowered for the connection and can easily handle 10Gbe. It barely breaks 2.5% utilisation on a speedtest. It saturates my private speedtest server on the WAN side of the router, capping out at 940mbps, which is about the theoretical limit for Gbe ethernet. So let's rule this out before anyone asks please....

Modem stats report a good physical connection. No errors on the link, SNR on all channels within 2db of each other. BUT, it appears only one of the channels is DOCSIS 3.1. See below.

This would of course explain the inability to achieve gigabit speeds.

So, does this indicate some kind of physical issue with my CPE or does it point to some issue on VM's side?





























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