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Is this a retention tactic or just incompetence?

Joining in

I'm currently paying £58 per month for M250. I cancelled on 29 September as they would not budge much on deals. Currently the offer on my account sits at £52 for the same speed, which was there prior to the cancellation.

I received a final bill which takes me to the 02 October for some reason, but I'm not fussed on the extra few days.

Yesterday 04 October, I received the first renewal offer via email, which is £25 for M100 and I have to take it within 7 days or it goes. So I clicked on it, to be presented with a picture offering £20 for M125 - with a note saying sorry and that I don't seem to be eligible for this offer. In my account it still says £52 for M250.

Am I best off just ignoring this and sitting tight for a while?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

You usually only get one final offer to stay.  Conventional wisdom on here is you should take it or you will be disconnected.   Try calling the retentions team again and asking why you aren't eligible for the 125 offer - deals change daily - so they may offer you that.


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