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Is there a known connectivity problem between Hub 3 and Wifi Pods?

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I know a couple of months back, there was an issue connecting the pods to Hubs 4 and 5. Is there now an issue with them connecting to Hub 3? Mine has gone offline and isn’t recognised by the Connect app. I’ve restarted and rebooted it, and the Hub, multiple times but to no avail. I’m getting 9mps in some rooms, not good! Would appreciate a quick troubleshooting response from Virgin! Thank you. 


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And to add, as I have seen this before:

The Hub must be in 'Router Mode' and not have been changed to 'Modem Mode'
• Channel Optimisation must be left on
• The SSIDs must be the same and broadcast enabled
• The SSID must be password protected
• The Passphrases of the SSIDs must match

I wouldn’t even know where or how to begin changing the above, so nothing has changed from a Settings perspective on my end. 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Gina1980, 

Thank you for reaching out to us here on the Community. 

We apologise for any issues you are experiencing with the equipment. 

I appreciate you have mentioned that you have rebooted the the equipment in the home, did this include a factory reset on both the Pod and Hub?