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Is it possible to add new connection to existing hub

Just joined

My daughter is moving into new student accommodation.  They moved their stuff in and there was a virgin hub already there.  They have a new account with virgin who are going to send a new hub to start their service towards the end of July.  Can they not connect their account to the hub that is already there?  Clearly old tenants didn’t return the old hub, the new tenants can connect to it but there is no internet connection,  surely if the internet connection is added on their account using that hub they don’t need another one? 


Alessandro Volta

VM matches an individual hub to an individual account so the one left behind will be linked on VM's systems to the previous tenant. Depending on the hub model, the previous tenant may be getting billed for its non-return.

VM won't reactivate equipment in the way you suggest and, even if VM did, it may be disadvantageous for your daughter to indirectly link her new VM account (via the old hub) to an old account belonging to someone else.

The VM forum team on here may, however, be able to see why there is a delay in sending out a new hub.